Client  Testimonials

I’ll be the first to admit I was a little sceptical of NLP. However, having spent years slowly chipping away at various emotional niggles, I was tired of the “one step forward, two steps back” approach.

After a discussion with Gemma at Finding Focus, I decided NLP was worth a go – what have a got to lose right?

WOW! What an experience – through gentle hypnosis, Gemma gave me prompts and cues that allowed me to delve deep into the dusty corners of my mind. Not only did I pin …point the very trigger of my negative behaviours (something I had never managed through CBT or counselling), I was able to effectively deal with my issues and conclusively “close the book” on them.

My session was approximately six weeks ago and I can honestly and whole heartedly say that Finding Focus has changed my life for the better. I feel free from the baggage of negative emotions and the stress, anxiety, panic and depression that came with it.

Thank you Gemma!

Bethan Carnie

I was another who was a little sceptical but can honestly say Gemma helped me enormously. I’m not done yet and need to return for more but there was definitely a positive change.

Lorna Hogg

I went to Gemma after a recommendation from a friend and I have to admit I wasn’t sure what it was going to be all about. Gemma was very professional, yet allowed me to feel at ease and be myself. She managed to help me target my anxieties linked to show jumping and xc and provided a solution which I’ve put into practice successfully since. Give it a go! Nothing to lose!

Rachel Shanks

I would highly recommed Gemma at Finding Focus. She is so professional and puts you at ease. I was amazed at how she is able to get to the roots of your problem and give you the ability to deal with it. After just one session I really felt I could put things in order and achieve the change I want. Looking forward to more sessions. Thanks Gemma

Janice Ramshaw

I went to Gemma to deal with some issues which were eating away at me over the years. After a couple of sessions I understood the triggers from my past childhood which resulted in my adult years to be affected. It was fascinating to search back in my mind and fix them so I can progress without negative emotions. I would definitely recommend this to everyone as it really makes you aware of habits and how your life path leads us to where we are mentally. Book your appointment now!

Nikki Rothney